Emirates News Now – a sporting march for the Chief Judge of the Emirates Jujitsu Federation


Emirates News Emirates News now – a bus sporting career for the President of the Referees in the Emirates Jujitsu Federation Source of the news – Emirates News -24.ae with the details of the news A sporting career bus for the Chief Judges of the Emirates Jujitsu Federation:

Emirates News Today – The life of the Chairman of the Referees Committee in the Emirates Jujitsu Federation, Alexander Nascimento, 39, abounds in many roles that shaped his life, as he was known as a prominent referee and passionate coach in the sport of jujitsu, a lover of motorcycles, a former combat in mixed martial arts and a pilot Trainer, and prominent influence on social media. Nacimento comments: “My choices and my way of life were not usual and natural. I am very serious in my work as a referee and coach, and I consider Jujitsu one of the most loved sports in my heart.”Nascimento was born into a humble family in a small city in southern Brazil.

He got acquainted with the sport of jujitsu relatively late when he was 18, then moved to Porto Alegre.

“I used to live in a rural area, away from the destinations of jujitsu in Rio de Janeiro, and the United States of America, my family was not well off, and I didn’t have enough money to travel, but that didn’t stop me from training and competing,” Nacimento said.

Despite her humility, Nascimento’s beginnings did not prevent him from transferring everything he learned on the carpet to the community around him.

He added, “I succeeded in transferring my knowledge of Jujitsu to the people around me, given my life in a place where there are few prominent Jujitsu professionals, which really opened my eyes to this sport, and all the possibilities it offers.”

After suffering a serious knee injury, and due to his keen interest in sports, Nascimento had to give up his dream as a competing champion, and he turned to arbitration to maintain his connection to the sport he loves.

He said in this regard: “My repeated injuries did not stand in the way of my desire to participate in this sport, I have always been athletic students, and I trained children in my hometown, which made me more experienced with the details of the laws of the game and their importance, and thanks to my practical knowledge and my great understanding of the laws of the game on the rug, I got It has a great advantage to turn into a very good referee, and a coach who helps develop the skills of the jujitsu players. ”

On his journey towards real professional training in jujitsu, and after studying a number of options, it became clear to him that Abu Dhabi and the UAE are a safe haven and a bright future for all Jujitsu enthusiasts, and those who have big dreams to achieve them in light of the rise of the Emirati capital as a global home for jujitsu.

Nacimento arrived in the UAE in 2012 as a coach of Jujitsu, and he soon met by chance with the former ruler of the Emirates Jujitsu Federation Alex Paz, which encouraged him to pay more attention to the arbitration.

He said: “In that period, Abu Dhabi began to emerge as one of the most distinguished destinations of the Jujitsu, and after two weeks of my arrival, I witnessed the start of one of the major championships, where I met with the ruler, presented him with my credentials and my experience in the field of arbitration, and asked me to start work.”

Nacimento affirms that choosing the UAE was very wise and successful, and this decision marked a turning point in my career in light of the opportunities that the country provides to the aspiring and talented people who have a clear vision about their goals in life.

Nascimento commends the role of the Emirates Jujitsu Federation in consolidating this sport in society, and contributing to strengthening the position of the Emirates as a regional and global leader in the field of jujitsu.

Nascimento explains his vision about the federation’s role in developing the game by saying: “After my stay in the UAE for a period of time, it became clear to me how clear the federation was and the efficiency of its plans to make the UAE a base station for all Jujitsu enthusiasts, benefiting from the unrivaled support provided by the leadership of the state, and what it enjoyed The Emirates are components, incentives, success opportunities and regional and international prestige.

He explained: “The Emirates Jujitsu Federation did not leave either a small or a large one related to the growth of this sport except and included it in its agenda and plans, which accelerated the pace of individual and group achievements at the level of national teams and clubs. The Federation was keen on achieving leadership and excellence in all organizational and operational aspects surrounding sport. Jujitsu, which is not limited to arbitration, and bringing in the best technical, training, and medical apparatus, but extends to cover other key areas such as organizing world events and championships and contributing to making critical decisions related to the future of sport worldwide.

Nascimento is calm, which is an important characteristic of any referee, and he said: “Our championships are great and interesting, and our players are motivated to achieve victories and gains. The unbiased decisions of the referee and his reading of the events on the battlefield are major and important factors in any conflict, and good governance is not allowed to surrender to the pressures of the rug and the public, and witness Our sport is an accelerating pace of development, and the referee should watch the largest number of Jujitsu matches possible. It is very important to note the evolution of players, how their reactions change, and you must always keep up with the rules.

In the end, the most important advantage of any rule is its credibility that it acquires by making fair decisions over a long period of his career, and any credible judgment cannot continue long in this sport.

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