Emirates News Agency – More than 15 million cases of Corona virus in the world


Capitals on July 22 / WAM / More than 15 million cases of newly infected Corona virus are counted in the world, more than half of them in the United States and Latin America, according to a census of France Press based on official sources today at 16:00 GMT.

In less than five days, I counted a million new infections in the world and a week ago, an average of more than 230,000 injuries are announced daily, and the number of confirmed cases has doubled since last June 11.

And counted no less than 15 million and seven thousand and 291 injuries, including 617 thousand and 603 deaths, while eight million and 351 thousand and 373 people recovered.

The United States is the country most affected, with 3 million 915 thousand and 780 injuries, “142 thousand and 312 deaths.”

The United States counted more than 460,000 infections per week, according to the data of the Centers for Disease Control and Control, more than ten percent last week, “420,000”.

In other indications of the acceleration of the epidemic, several countries or regions recorded record numbers in recent days, similar to Australia, “502 new infections,” according to the outcome of the day.

The total toll is now close to 13,000, while Hong Kong has announced 113 new infections.

The Latin America and the Caribbean region, the second most affected in terms of the number of infections in the world, “three million and 956 thousand and 997 injuries, including 167 thousand and 377 deaths,” is still facing a rapid spread of the epidemic.

Like the United States, it recorded more than 460,000 additional infections in a week.

In Africa, the World Health Organization expressed its concern about the acceleration of the outbreak of the virus, the ceiling has been exceeded 15 thousand deaths “15 thousand and 765 deaths from 753 thousand and 124 infections”, while the outcome in the Middle East exceeded a million infections “million and 44 thousand and 925 infections, including 23 thousand and 929 death”.

Europe counted two million 993,801 injuries, among them 206 thousand and 430 deaths.

Oceania remains the least affected continent with 14,523 injuries, including 157 deaths. Note that the number of new infections has increased strongly recently with the number of 2224 cases last week compared to 1481 in the previous week, an increase of fifty percent.

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Mother / Abdel Nasser Menem


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