Emirates News Agency – Inclusion of a “Culture and Tourism” publication within the sixth grade curriculum in the Emirates


ABU DHABI, JULY 22 / WAM / The Ministry of Education approved the book “Happy Dreams Label” by the German writer Paul Marr, issued by the “Kalima” project for translation in the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi within the sixth grade curriculum for public and private schools.

This step enhances the vision of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi in supporting the community, especially students, enhancing their culture and familiarizing them with the cultures of the world, training them in analytical reading of high-level models of international and Arabic literature, and creating a reader and educated generation that meets the aspirations of rational leadership and is able to lead the future.

His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Executive Director of the Books House at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi said: The Kalima translation project is a bridge for communication with other civilizations and an essential engine in the process of knowledge and learning about the achievements of global cultures, and we are proud to include a book from the Kalima project in the curriculum The Emirati academic, as this cooperation is in harmony with our vision and aspirations in spreading the culture of reading in the Emirates, especially among children and youth, to produce a conscious, educated, open and informed generation of different cultures.

Al Ali added: Books and novels are a unique way to broaden the horizons of students ’awareness, as they help to enhance understanding and respect, as it is an important and central factor in developing the reader’s personality, and gives him the opportunity to learn more about life, the world, and the self, and also helps to develop the child’s sense of sympathy With his peers in his surroundings and society in general.

One of the most important works in German children’s literature is the novel “Happy Dreams Label”, which is written by the author “Paul Mar”, one of the distinguished German writers. Movies.

The novel was translated into Arabic by Dr. Khalil Al-Sheikh, who obtained a PhD from Germany in 1986 and teaches in the Department of Arabic Language at Yarmouk University in Jordan.

And the events of the novel “Dreams of a Happy Label” offer a rich world that mixes East and West, dream and reality and a beautiful diversification on the text of a thousand and one nights. This put him in trouble.

WAM / Ahmed Al-Nuaimi / Mustafa Badr Al-Din


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