Elon Musk alludes to a new Tesla plant in Asia


She adds a company Tesla manufactures factories much faster than adding new cars these days, as the company’s founder, Elon Musk, hinted that the company plans to build a new factory in Asia, but not in China.

Tesla is currently building a new plant near Berlin, Germany, along with a new plant in Austin, Texas, USA.

In addition to these mega projects, the electric car manufacturer is also expanding its plant (2 Gigafactory(In Shanghai, China, adding more production capacity in a factory)GigafactoryNevada and the Fremont Factory Fremont.

The new production capacity is expected to support Tesla’s ambitious plan to soon be able to deliver 1 million electric cars annually.

It seems that the electric car manufacturer is not planning to stop there, and is expected to build several factories as part of its mission to accelerate the emergence of electric transport and renewable energy.

AndAlluded to Elon Musk a few days ago to where the company might be hosting the next plant when asked on Twitter platform about Tesla’s plans to expand Gigafactory plants in Asia but outside China.

The CEO replied, “Yes, there are plans. But first we need to end the Gigafactory plant in Berlin and the second US Gigafactory plant in order to serve the eastern half of North America.”

While Musk confirmed that Tesla had plans to establish a new Gigafactory plant, he did not provide any details other than that he would be on the Asian continent, causing followers to send suggestions, such as Japan and Korea, which have strong auto industries.

The CEO of the company did not provide a clear timetable other than that the company will start establishing the new factory after the completion of establishing the existing factories under development, but this may happen quickly, based on Tesla’s manufacturers ’schedules, so production is supposed to start by the end of the year. Next.

The Tesla surpassed Toyota to become The world’s most valuable car company Earlier this month, the shares of the American company during the past year increased by more than 400 percent to reach their market value to 206 billion dollars against 203 billion dollars for Toyota.


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