Elissa and Rotana have another crisis


Elissa published her first photo from her new album and another as a tribute to her after 20 years of entering the art. Two pictures, “Rotana Audio and Video”, republished and announced that the propaganda song will be released on July 27th, with the full album to be released on August 1. However, the followers were surprised, at last, with the production company that the Lebanese singer contracts with, by removing the two pictures together from their accounts on Social Media, which raised several questions about the return of differences between the two parties after the reconciliation that followed the problems that almost claimed the album. In this context, information indicates that “Rotana” deleted the two pictures after Elisa was attacked by Social Media by Saudi activists, asking the company to remove them because they were “bold”, especially those that bear reference to Dotito “Bad Dub”, which Elisa appeared in his covered version. With a sheet 20 years ago. The dispute between Elisa and “Rotana” had developed last fall, when the singer announced that she would retire from art. But she reverted to her decision, revealing that her upcoming album will be her last with the Saudi company, and that she will work alone after that. Information was reported on a dispute that arose between Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “General Entertainment Authority” and Elisa, whose causes were not known. On that day, the information talked about restricting the singer and excluding her from the concerts held in Saudi Arabia, and preventing her from cooperating with “Rotana”.


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