Elisa uses the “sheet” and promotes an opinion! (picture)


Artist Elissa announced the title of her upcoming album with Rotana, which will be “Her Opinion”, and will be released in conjunction with Eid Al-Adha.

Elisa used the sheet and took advantage of 20 years since her artistic launch to promote her lyric album, linking her singing debut to her new album, saying: “My first career was difficult due to criticism, but I skipped everything strongly and because“ my father taught me what I fear and always face my destiny. ”Today I celebrate twenty A year of success, praise be to God, and my conscience is relieved. Why? Because instead of being a victim, I decided to be. ”

Rotana is preparing to release a song from the album within 3 days, to be officially released in early August, which includes a number of songs, the most prominent of which are “I am almost forgetting you”, “I will consider you”, “Mabhah”, “Azima” and others.


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