Egypt: The Minister of Manpower directs to track the dues of two citizens who were killed in Saudi Arabia




The Minister of Manpower in Egypt, Mohamed Sa`fan, issued directives to the Labor Representation Office at the Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia to follow up the dues of two people who were killed by six bullets at the hands of a Saudi citizen.

He also instructed to communicate with their employers to preserve their labor rights and end the procedures for transporting the two bodies to Cairo.

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Cairo confirms its follow-up

Haitham Saad El-Din, spokesperson and media advisor to the Ministry of Manpower, said that the minister received a report from the labor attache Ahmed Rajai, head of the workers ’representation office in Riyadh, in which he revealed the details and circumstances of the shooting of the Egyptian workers.

He said that the details of their death were due to a dispute that broke out between them and a Saudi citizen named Awad Al-Mutairi, who is a retired military man, who were working on his daily basis in establishing his own break in the Huraymila region, which is about 100 km north of Riyadh, and they are not under his sponsorship.

Haitham Saad El-Din added that the Saudi citizen disagreed with them on some technical works in construction work and installation of sewage pipes, which sparked his anger, as he left them and went to his car and brought an automatic gun and surprised them by shooting them.

He explained that the Saudi authorities moved to the scene to inspect and remove the bodies, noting that while the authorities were present, the perpetrator contacted the site’s guard, who is Sudanese, to find out the developments.

He continued by saying that, according to the instructions of the security services, the guard answered him and followed him in the conversation so that the security services could track the call and determine his location, and indeed his location was located in the city of Riyadh – Al-Rawdhah neighborhood, and the security forces went to his whereabouts and arrested him and the bodies were taken to the Hurlima Hospital In preparation for the preparation of the forensic report and permission to bury.

Source: RT – Nasser Hatem


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