Egypt News American Science and Technology / Reports: Epic Games, a gaming company, criticizes Apple and Google, accusing them of monopoly


Tim Sweeney, CEO of the company was criticized Epic Games Game developerFortnite Apple and Google are famous for their monopoly of app stores, as he said in an interview on Friday with CNBC There are not many viable options for distributing mobile software outside of Apple’s App Store and App Store Google Play.

Wolfa expected Engadget American, Sweeney also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that both traffickers get a fee of 30% of in-app purchases.

And fired Epic Games a store Epic Games In late 2018 for computers running Windows And Mac, Which only charges other developers for 12% of in-app purchases, but no store arrives Epic Games Store to me App Store Because of instructions Apple Strict against competitive software stores.

“They prevent a whole class of companies and applications from indulging in their system by excluding competitors from every aspect of their business that they protect,” Sweeney said.

وقامت Epic Previously providing a game Fortnite For Android devices not by displaying them on the store Google Play , But instead through the site Fortnite On the web, which users browse to download the game, this is allowed Epic It exceeds Google’s 30 percent fee, but the download process has bothered many users, so it launched Fortnite In the end on Google Play Earlier this year.

Sweeney explained that the company is still planning to offer a store Epic Games To Android, he said: “Google is mainly working to stifle competition stores by placing obstacles in the user interface and blocking.”

And do not count Epic The first company to speak frankly about this, and criticize Apple and Google’s fee of 30 percent. In March last year, Daniel Eck introduced the CEO Spotify Complaint of unfair competition against Apple against the European Commission, indicating that fees are forcing them to inflate the subscription price in Spotify Premium.

Last July, he introduced an application Tinder A virtual payment process in its Android application which aims to bypass shop fees Google Play.

Date: 2020-07-25


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