Egypt condemns the Houthis launching missiles towards Saudi Arabia


Egypt flag

Egypt has expressed its strong condemnation of the Houthis launching two ballistic missiles and a number of unmanned aerial vehicle bombs in the direction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which were intercepted and brought down by the coalition forces.

A statement issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed today, Monday, “Egypt’s full solidarity and stand with Saudi Arabia in facing these brutal attacks targeting civilians and civilian installations, and Egypt’s support for the Kingdom in all its measures to defend its lands and protect its national security.”

The statement added: “Egypt reaffirms that such attacks will only lead to further escalation and instability in Yemen, with the importance of responding to all ceasefire calls in order to create the appropriate conditions for the resumption of the political process with a view to reaching a political solution to the Yemeni crisis, based on To the agreed references, especially the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council and its implementation mechanisms and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue and Security Council Resolution 2216.

Earlier, the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen said today, Monday, that it intercepted and destroyed 4 missiles and 6 drones equipped with explosives launched by the Houthi forces at night towards the Kingdom.

Source: Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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