Egypt announces the development of vaccines and anti-Corona drugs




Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, announced today, Thursday, that the National Research Center has registered four types of anti-Corona vaccines.

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The Egyptian minister said in a statement that these vaccines are in the pre-clinical phase, and have not yet entered into clinical trials in humans.

He added that the four vaccines include “an inhibited vaccine, which is the H1N1 influenza virus, containing new pieces of the emerging corona virus” Covid 19 “, and an inhibited vaccine for the emerging corona virus after its multiplication on tissue culture, and the third vaccine is a DNA loaded with 4 parts of the DNA of the virus Corona represent the surface proteins of the virus, and the fourth vaccine is the surface proteins of the virus, which stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to the virus in 4 forms. ”

The minister pointed out that the four vaccines are among 132 vaccines under development, according to the World Health Organization published on its official website.

The Minister stated that the research team at the Center for Excellence in Viruses of the National Research Center has completed pre-clinical trials for the second type of vaccine, and a file is being prepared for presentation to the Medical Research Ethics Committee to obtain its approval for clinical trials, as well as preparing its operation with a GMP specification for use in clinical trials, He said that the rest of the vaccines “1,3,4” are being monitored in terms of the concentration of the antibodies produced in experimental animals.

He explained that with regard to discoveries of new drugs to treat the Corona virus, the research team at the National Research Center reached three natural materials that have a high inhibitory effect on the virus, and the file for presentation is being prepared on the Medical Research Ethics Committee in cooperation with other agencies, as well as preparing samples that are used in studies Clinical.

Source: Egyptian media


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