“Dungeon 7”, a modified version of the Turkish film?


The Turkish movie “Miracle in Dungeon 7”, starring Aras Polot Ennimli, won a remarkable viewership after it was shown in Turkish lounges last year. The movie that tells the story of Memo, a young man with special precautions, is exposed to injustice in his life, so he enters prison in cell number 7, and his life changes. During the period of the home quarantine after the spread of the Corona virus, the movie turned into a creamy material on the pages of Social Media, which confirmed that the work is one of the best that Turkish cinema has recently presented. However, Egyptian filmmakers seem to have been influenced by the name and success of the Turkish film and decided to submit a work of the same name. In this context, Ahmed Zahir revealed that he had finished filming “Dungeon 7” (written by Hussam Moussa, directed by Abram Nashat), which is starring, and is scheduled to be shown on Eid al-Fitr, which falls at the end of this month. The film has been modified by the Turkish version, but it is inspired by one idea, which is prison cell No. 7, which brings together a number of the oppressed. Zahir embodies a Harbi figure, a young man who is undergoing a crisis, after which he will go to prison and meet Mansour (Nidal Al Shafi’i) inside the same cell, and their lives will be changed.


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