“Double standards” … a collective resignation to manage ES Setif


The management of the Algerian club Seif-Setif, headed by Ezzedine Arab, announced the submission of a collective resignation, after the decision to exclude the team from participating in the next edition of the African Champions League.

The club issued an official statement, in which it said: “After an emergency meeting, the members of the Board of Directors of ES Setif condemn the irresponsible and irrational decisions of the Algerian Football Federation, which perpetuated racism that only contributes to provoking sedition and provoking supporters.”

The club administration indicated that the Algerian Football Association adopted a policy of double standards, bypassing ES Setif, who ranked second in the league standings and granted the second position to another team, and gifted him to participate in the African Champions League, with an account system “specially designed and bypassing regulations”.

The statement emphasized that the members of the board of directors of the commercial and sports company and the managing office of the club decided to submit a collective resignation.

The Algerian Confederation decided to end the league and crown the youth of Belouizdad as a champion of the competition, and granted the second place in the African Champions League to MCA, which he considered “the most valuable” Faf “according to the number of points he collected during the number of matches he participated in, which the federation called” the rule of laboratories ” “.

With this, the youths of Belouizdad and Mouloudia of Algeria are scheduled to participate in the African Champions League, while ES Setif will participate in the Confederation Cup of Africa, accompanied by the fourth-ranked team, which will be decided later.

A catastrophic red streak and beware what awaits us in the fall!


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