Does Messi deserve everything that happens with him today?



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Very sad reaction by Lionel Messi to his wonderful goal from a direct free kick against Osasuna last Thursday, a reaction that reflects everything the Argentine star suffers from this season.

The atmosphere of FC Barcelona is completely unhealthy in all aspects. We start with management and do not end with the technical staff led by Kiki Sittin, who feels as if he is living out of reality, in his own world, especially when he stated that he enjoyed in Barcelona as if his journey in the team was purely tourist.

A funny comment was passed on social media that Citicin came to Barcelona to save the team season and saved the Real Madrid season, it is a joke, but it embodies a painful reality that the team is living at the moment.

Devil’s lawyer: Club did miracles and Real Madrid is able to do it in the Champions League

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What Lionel Messi is going through at the moment with his Catalan team is not worth it, the legend of the team is already sad about everything that will happen and will happen because there are no clear signs of resolving the crisis in Barcelona with the poor performance of the administration.

There are voices rising from here and there in the vicinity of Barcelona club calling for saving the team, but there are no solutions on the horizon as the administration continues with the same policy followed, from contracts to the technical staff and others.

Messi admitted after meeting Osasuna that he told officials earlier that this team can not win the Champions League title, but the team did not win even the Spanish League, it is so bad.

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Last season, Real Madrid suffered and went out without any title with a very poor performance, but the administration moved, restoring coach Zinedine Zidane and giving him the authority and possibility to sign any player he wants to save the team, and this is what happened to win the league.

Today Barcelona is suffering from an actual crisis, but neither the administration has moved nor even there is any hope that the current coach will lead a revolution because he is already unable to do so, neither intellectually nor morally, nor even financially.

Today the idea of ​​dismissing the coach is proposed, but the issue is postponed until after the end of the European Champions League, but which coach is able to change the team under these capabilities in the next season? It is a very difficult problem, and worse, in recent years, the end of the career of soccer legend Lionel Messi.


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