Do you know what are the introductions of cancer? – Site news – follow-up


Some doctors have discovered that there are so-called precursors of cancer, such as papillomas, which appear in the cervix, on the skin, benign tumors in the intestine, stomach, and chronic diseases, all of which are precursors of cancer.

Professor Alexander Siriakov, an oncologist, said that it is very important for doctors from other specialties to diagnose these tumors and treat them before they develop into malignancies.

The expert adds, every second, minute and hour, the body’s immune system identifies and destroys cancer cells. Therefore, the body remains in a state of immune balance. But suppose, within an hour, 250,000 abnormal cells form in the human body, which are recognized and destroyed by the immune system.

But if this immune homeostasis breaks down, anti-tumor immunity weakens, causing a cancerous cell to appear somewhere in the body.

Some oncologists believe that cancer should be treated in the first and second stages of its development completely. But even in this case degenerative conditions appear. This is because there is a so-called inactive complex of cancer cells, which has not undergone any kind of treatment. This cell complex awakens and begins to multiply, leading to a relapse in the patient’s condition.

But when diagnosing the disease in stages 3 and 4, there are metastases spread, the expert adds, so the task of the cancer specialist becomes to extend the patient’s life as long as possible and improve the quality of his life.




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