Disturbing information about the return of the activity of terrorist groups on the Lebanese scene!


Home: Jordanian intelligence passed through the official channels approved with Lebanon, disturbing information about the return of the activity of terrorist groups in the region and on the Lebanese scene. According to sources concerned with this file, Jordanians have documented information about the movements of some fundamentalist fundamentalist forces in the region, particularly in the Iraqi and Syrian neighboring countries, where these groups are activated by taking advantage of the great economic collapse in these countries, and the continued “Corona” out of control, especially in Iraq, where confirmed information indicates that ISIS is trying to return to the “theater of operations”, as well as the “Jabhat al-Nusra”, and Jordanians have a “map” that includes the names of the leaders responsible for reactivating the cells as well as their geographical spread.

What is remarkable in the Jordanian report is a very important observation related to the “shy” American response to these warnings, as the American administration ignores the information and deals with it coldly. Knowing that the Jordanian intelligence report talks about the emergence of militant forces deep in the Lebanese equation, and also talks about an armament and polarization movement from the Iraqi and Syrian depth. Warning of operation “Polarization” inside the Syrian and Palestinian camps and in northern Lebanon.

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