Directors in the stone … between reality and hallucinations


Pope Francis “flirts” with Queen Elizabeth II, interrupting them in the middle of “The Shout”, the main character from the movie “Big Lebowski” (The Coen Brothers – 1998 – see staff below). This “flirtation” is the soul of the Italian movie Paolo Sorrentino, one of Netflix’s short films titled “Home Made”. 17 short films signed by directors of different nationalities who, like the rest of the planet, were subject to the rules of the home ban due to the Corona pandemic. These films, centered on their experience, are a little reminiscent of the “Dogma 95” movement (a movement designed to purify the film industry from costly visual effects and optimizations, focus on the actual story and performance of actors) but it lacks the provocative touch of Danish director Lars von Trier.

From the Iranian film, Anna Lili Ameerpur

“Travel to the end of the night” is the title of the movie “Sorrentino,” where the Pope and the Queen (in the form of clay dolls) meet in the Vatican. Queen (Olivia Williams’ voice) does not know how to make tea, and Francis (Javier Camara) proposes to see “The Popaway” while she prefers watching the “Crown” series (both on Netflix). They end up dancing and swimming naked. “You and I are just symbols, that’s why we can’t do anything.” Sorrentino has always resembled himself, even in his unfamiliar movie that he presents from home in a provocative way to many. But before we got to Sorrentino, we found a familiar face in the first movie of this series. Buzz (Al Hassan Lee), the child who owned “Draun” in “The Les Miserables” (2019) by French director Ladge Lee, returns in a movie signed by the director himself. Buzz spends his time between his cell phone, reading, studying and controlling the drones from his balcony to photograph the neighborhood in which he lives, the crowded apartments, the people trapped in their homes and the queues waiting outside the shops in this Parisian suburb. If the epidemic demonstrated the distinct potential of some, and forced others to a remote work system; The personal and documentary stories of filmmakers, through imagination, personal, musical and imaginative incursions, show that directors can make films in a simple way and with less luxury. Chilean Sebastian Lillio (“Gloria” / 2013), “Wonderful Woman” (2017) was distinguished among the films, placing Amalia Casale’s vocals in a place between cinema, theater and acting dance. Amalia deserves a prize for best actress in these short films, because she is a wonderful woman who left us hoping that the film will never end.

Business reminds us of the “Dogma 95” movement, but it lacks the provocative Lars von Trier touch

Iranian Anna Lily Amirpour (“A Girl Goes Home At Night” / 2014) was presented in her abandoned city of Los Angeles. Antonio Campos used his friends to create a mysterious story for a small family. Maggie Gyllenhaal used her husband as an actor in a science fiction movie filmed in her country house, inspired by a dream in which her husband has sex with a tree. Other films with more personal stories, showing the daily life and relationships of its directors with the family, especially children such as the films Grinder Shaza (London), David Mackenzie (Glasgow), Natalia Peristen (Mexico City), Rachel Morrison (Los Angeles), Nadine Labaki and Khaled Muzannar (Beirut), as The duo’s movie revolves around filming an impromptu ride of her daughter Meron’s imagination in a small room full of objects, and the movie soon takes another dimension.
17 films to pass the time and enjoy something light, ranged from realism and hallucination-like dream and meditation, just like the times we live in, with a little drama, humor, movement and mystery … a reflection of everything we have seen in recent months.

* Homemade on Netflix

Shouted, Walter and Donnie … they are you friends!
I don’t know if you knew about “The Dude,” but let me tell you about him: He is the quiet man. He lives for himself and his purposes, nothing more. Live easily and simply. The money does not pay attention. He only wants a life that matches his whims. Unemployed. He does not care about his outward appearance and does not care about the words of others. He loves bowling, and don’t touch his balls! And more correct; Be careful to get close to his things, and most importantly his mat. He loves to listen to music and drink cocktails. lazy. He has a special philosophy.

Scene from the movie “The Big Lebowski”

Without a doubt, he was able to understand the mystery of life. He is peaceful, he wants nothing from anyone. He is close to the heart despite his strange style and spontaneous stinging. You can be alienated from it, but it will definitely attract your attention after you get to know him well. You can only love it. I always wanted to be like him or to live a careless person’s life. And the “shouter” may be located deep in your heart greatly. I also want to introduce you to Walter, the colleague of the “shouter”. He lives on the anniversary of the Vietnam War because it is his only happy event after his wife deserted him. He is a Jew, or he claims that. Biased into anything, nervous, temperamental, and violent, it makes judgments about everything at first sight, and it is best for you not to provoke it. Act before he thinks. It is likely that Walter is also inside you. Wait, wait, don’t go. Do you know who Doni is? I will tell you: it is peaceful and normal with little psychological contract. Loved by its stupid nature. Never tell a story and forget any detail about it because you will find it on the lookout to remind you of it. Walter gets angry every time he utters a word. Do you think Donnie is not inside you?
The three: The hooters (Jeff Bridges), Walter (John Goodman) and Donnie (Steve Buscemi) meet to play bowling, they are friends. Life brought them together through a strange and strong friendship, their character is different but they are able to interact with each other in an innovative way.
All of this is found in the Queen’s Big Lebowski movie. It is not just a comedy, nor just funny scenes with smart conversations; Rather, a tribute to the cinema as part of life. As part of ourselves and our world. A form of thinking that life is nothing but random incidents, which we face in our own way and our various personalities. The film shows life as a fast swirl and within it we live on the memory of days and do not know what tomorrow will have for us.

* The Big Lebowski on Netflix


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