Did Liverpool arbitration unfairness? Statistics prove the bias against Mohamed Salah


New figures demonstrate that Salah and Liverpool were subjected to arbitration injustice

British press reports revealed Mohamed Salah, a player, had been exposed Leferball, For a clear arbitration injustice during the last season, by not counting many violations and penalties in his favor.

Mohamed Salah led Liverpool to the Premier League title after an absence of 30 years and was the team’s top scorer with 19 goals.

Liverpool achieved the title with 99 points and is the second best champion in the history of the Premier League, behind Manchester City in the 2017-2018 season, in which he collected 100 points.

The newspaper “The Empire” reported that there are only 6 players who touched the ball in the last third of the opponent more than Mohamed Salah, and he is also the highest player to reach the ball in the penalty area.

She pointed out that Salah made 23 attempts to dodge in the offensive third, which is the ninth in the success rate of dribbling, and despite that, there are 152 players who received more violations than him.

Mohamed Salah: Continue with Liverpool? Nobody knows what will happen

She explained that the attacking trio of Liverpool FC, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, got only 3 penalty kicks in the season, even though they are among the 5 most players in the English Premier League season, touching the ball inside the penalty area.

Meanwhile, the Manchester United attack trio, which reached the penalty area less, received 7 penalty kicks.

The newspaper expressed surprise that Jack Greelish obtained 167 violations in favor of him, compared to only 18 in favor of Salah, although the latter was in more difficult locations.

It is worth noting that Mohamed Salah failed to achieve the golden shoe title for the third season in a row after finishing the English Premier League in fifth place on the list of scorers.


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