Corona’s recovery doubled to more than 7,000 cases


The Ministry of Health announced today, Tuesday, that 2692 new cases of new Corona virus (Covid-19) were registered, for a total of 237,803 cases. The Ministry said that 7,718 cases of recovery had been registered, bringing the total number of recovering cases to 177560 cases. Health confirmed that 40 new deaths were recorded, taking the total to 2,283 deaths. The ministry said that the active cases were 57,960, while the number of critical cases was 2230.The health spokesman, Dr. Mohamed Al-Abdali, said that the pandemic continued to operate globally and the number of daily infections doubled during the last month. And that there is a decrease in confirmed cases infected with corona in the Kingdom. He explained that the corona checks in the Kingdom are of high accuracy. He pointed out that Corona examinations in the Kingdom exceeded 2.3 million exams. Al-Abdali said, globally, the pandemic of the Corona virus is still continuing, and we must return with caution to normal life.


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