Corona’s latest threat … the virus strikes below the belt and infects men with fertility loss


A new study claims that the emerging coronavirus can not only rob you of the sense of smell and taste as it may leave men suffering from infertility because it can be transmitted sexually.
A recent study published last month in the famous medical journal Gamma, published by the American Medical Association, revealed the presence of 19 Covid virus in 15% of semen samples collected from people to study the effect of the virus on men during intimate contact processes.
The researcher likened Dr. John Aitken, the Coruna virus, to Zika virus.

“It must be emphasized that sperms have a proven ability to carry viral infections from males to the female reproductive system, as happens with the Zika virus during sexual contact, for example,” Aitken told San Antonio on Fox8.

The study also found that covid 19 in human sperm leads to the accumulation of angiotensin II, a hormone that regulates kidney function and blood pressure.

Increased levels of this hormone cause an immune response against invasive 19 Covid virus particles that increase the availability of reactive oxygen species that cause cell death … and prolonged exposure to elevated levels of angiotestinin II can lead to cell death in sperm, and thus sterility

The study indicates that it may eventually lead to a loss of male fertility.


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