Corona virus and blood group .. Study resolves “dialectical relationship”


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At the beginning of the spread of the Corona epidemic, some scientists suggested that the blood type in a person is a factor influencing the possibility of serious complications in the person who gets the infection, but this scientific conclusion was not very accurate, according to two recent studies.

The studies denied the influence of the blood group on the issue of coronavirus infection, or even complications, and this conviction was reached after monitoring the condition of thousands of patients.

And according to what the American newspaper “New York Times” recently reported, the blood group’s effect is very slight and it is weaker than we had imagined during the past months.

Both studies were released by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Columbia University in New York State, USA.

And the studies found that blood type A does not make the human body more likely to be infected with the emerging coronavirus, which appeared in China late last year, and then turned into a global pandemic.

The studies indicated that the effect could be very slight, and indicated that the “O” family, for example, makes its owner less likely to contract the virus compared to other blood group carriers, but the protection is not great.

The blood group plays a role in health disorders and recovery, because it determines the nature of the response that occurs in the immune system, when infected with any virus.

“No one is safe from infection with the Coronavirus,” regardless of his blood type, said researcher at the University of American Columbia, Nicholas Tatonetti.

The researchers looked at medical data for 7,770 patients who had been diagnosed positively in the emerging Corona virus tests.

The results revealed that the blood group does not protect its owner, but those with “A” type had less need to be placed under a respirator.

Researchers have warned that these results may be unreliable, because they relied on patients present in the hospital only, while many people remain in their homes because their condition does not warrant treatment or they do not know at all that they are infected.

On the other hand, the study conducted in the Massachusetts Hospital showed that the blood group did not affect the possibility of a Corona patient being placed under a respirator, or even his death as a result of “Covid 19” complications.

The specialist in hospital vascular surgery, a researcher supervising the study, said that the blood type is not a factor that can be taken into consideration when assessing the risk of coronavirus in patients with Coronavirus.

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