Corona vaccine is essential for the Olympic Games


Tokyo – Yoshiro Mori, President of the Organizing Committee for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, said that the availability of a new vaccine against the Corona virus will be essential to the ability to hold the Olympics, which was postponed to 2021 due to “Covid-19”.

In response to a question about the factors required to be able to hold the Olympics, Mori said: “It will depend on whether the plight of the Corona virus has slowed down specifically, the first point will be whether a vaccine or drug has been developed,” in an interview with “NHK” “Official broadcast Wednesday.

In response to a question about whether the Japanese capital is able to hold the games in the event that there is no change in the health situation, he added: “If things remain as they are, we will not be able” of that. But he added that such a scenario is still hypothetical, as “I cannot imagine that such a situation will continue for an additional year.”

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was scheduled to start on July 24, but the consequences of “Covid-19” led to its postponement. The new date for its launch was set on 23 July 2021.

Opinion polls conducted in Japan recently showed that the majority of the capital’s population is not enthusiastic about hosting the Olympics, especially since the cases of “Covid-19” have registered an increase recently.

Japanese officials and the International Olympic Committee expressed in the past weeks their fear of not being able to postpone the Games again, considering that the lack of health conditions for its establishment may lead to its cancellation.

Japanese officials will begin next fall to study the proposals for health measures accompanying the Games, in the event that they are held with the spread of the epidemic worldwide.

A possible suggestion is to hold competitions without an audience or limit the number of fans, but officials do not like to take such a step.

“If this is the only way to hold (the games), then it will be something that we have to think about,” Morrie said about limiting the number of fans.

German International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has previously expressed his desire to avoid holding the Games without an audience.
Japan has so far announced 26,300 injuries and 989 deaths with “Covid-19”, but Tokyo has seen an increase in the number of injuries recorded in recent times, knowing that the country’s borders are still practically completely closed to foreign visitors.



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