Corona turns into a youth group … and discover completely different symptoms they have


The capital of Xinjiang in the far west of China blocked most trips to the city on Friday, and the express train and bus network was closed after it recorded several cases of the emerging Corona virus, according to authorities and official media.

The Uyghur minority and other Turkish Muslims make up about half of the population of Xinjiang, which is more than 21 million people.

Minorities complain of decades of political and religious persecution by the ruling Communist Party.

According to the official media, at least five injuries have been recorded so far in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, one of whom was confirmed to have been infected after traveling from the city to Zhejiang Province (east).

Injuries have been discovered since Wednesday, while related news prompted official media in Urumqi to publish reassurances on Friday that stores have sufficient stocks of food, in a clear attempt to discourage residents from overstating their needs.

The new infections reflect the persistent difficulties China faces in controlling the epidemic that occurred in the central city of Wuhan late last year before it spread across China and the world.

Tight nationwide closings and extensive screening operations have contained the virus within China’s borders.

But a new set of infections appeared in Beijing in June, with more than 330 people injured before the infection was contained, the authorities said.

The aviation authority announced that 89 percent of flights to and from Urumqi had been canceled, while the city’s only metro line had been closed since late Thursday.

No announcements have been made about when to resume normal transportation services.

The authorities responsible for operating the buses also announced that service restrictions had been imposed and deep sterilizations of the buses had taken place while staff would have to undergo Covid-19 checks.

China has reported more than 83,000 injuries and 4,634 deaths in Koruna.


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