Corona new infections in this town!


In a statement, the mayor of Beja, Jbeil Rustum Saibi, announced that the crisis cell in the municipality had been informed by the mayor of Jbeil Natali Meri El-Khoury that one of the townspeople had been infected with the new Corona virus. The victim, his mother and the domestic worker were transferred from the Ethiopian dependency living with him by the Red Cross to a hospital Rafic Hariri University.

Saibi indicated that the Municipal Council and the crisis cell will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the steps to be taken, and contact has been made with representatives of the Ministry of Health in the judiciary to take all necessary measures in such cases. It was also a contact by the Epidemiological Surveillance Department with the person concerned to take the necessary measures.

The municipality and the crisis cell announced that it will inform the people of everything new regarding this issue, calling on them not to fear and panic.

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