“Corona bet” … US official reveals Moderna has been attacked by pirates linked to Beijing


A US security official said that pirates linked to the Chinese government targeted the modern technology company “Moderna” earlier this year, in an attempt to steal valuable data, according to an agency reported. Reuters For news.

Our moderator is a pioneer in developing coronavirus vaccine research in the United States.

The US security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not provide further details, while Moderna spokesman Ray Jordan said his company was “very wary of potential cyber security threats.”

Last week, the US Department of Justice issued a decision to convict two Chinese nationals accused of spying on US institutions, including three unknown US-based targets involved in medical research to combat the emerging Corona epidemic.

The decision states that Chinese hackers “conducted surveys” on the computer network at Massachusetts Biotechnology, a company known to work on the Coronavirus vaccine, in January.

Moderna, headquartered in Massachusetts, and announced its arrival in the perception of a coronavirus vaccine in January, confirmed to Reuters that the company had been in contact with the FBI and had been informed of suspected “surveillance activities” at the hands of the aforementioned piracy group.

The FBI and the US Department of Health and Human Services have refused to reveal the identities of the companies targeted by Chinese infiltrators.

The vaccine Moderna is working on is one of the biggest bets for the US President Donald Trump’s administration to fight the epidemic.

The federal government is supporting the company’s vaccine development with nearly half a billion dollars, and Moderna is helping to launch a clinical trial of up to 30,000 people early this month.

China is also racing to develop a vaccine that combines government, military and private sectors to combat Corona, which has killed more than 660,000 people worldwide.

An indictment issued on July 7 confirms that Chinese hackers have carried out long-term piracy that recently included targeting medical research groups working around Coved 19.

Prosecutors said the infiltrators acted as contractors with the Ministry of State Security of China, a government intelligence agency.


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