Corona and age .. “scary” study reveals who are more likely to die


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Corona and the age .. “scary” study reveals who are more likely to die, today Saturday 18 July 2020 06:50 in the morning

Translations – Abu Dhabi Scientists are still studying the behavior of the emerging coronavirus, its effect on the bodies of patients and the chances of deaths due to infection, until they recently reached a link between the age and severity of the parasite.

A study by epidemiologists at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, with support from the University of Geneva, revealed that the risk of death from HIV infection is highly dependent on the patient’s age.

The study, published by the scientific journal “Lancet”, showed that the probability of the death of “Covid 19” patients over the age of 65 years is 18,000 times greater than those under the age of 20.

The figures confirm that the death rate due to the Corona virus at the age of 10 to 20 years is approximately 3 per million, while this percentage for those over 65 years of age reaches 60 thousand per million.

The researchers conducted their study on the data of a number of patients from Switzerland, who had an effective health care system, was able to deal with the epidemic in the best scenario.

They stressed that the results should provide a guide for doctors, and even governments, in order to develop plans to treat corona patients according to their ages, noting the danger of the virus to the “terrifying” elderly.

The authors found that, during their studies, of the 286 reported deaths of “Covid 19” in Geneva, the youngest person was 31 years old.

The numbers recorded in Geneva are similar to the risk of death from coronavirus infection in England, although the specific data are not fully compatible.

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