Conflict news regarding the fate of Saudi communication star Ghada Al-Hussan (video and photos)


News broke out regarding the fate of social media star and Saudi interior designer Ghada Al-Hossan after Ibrahim bin Hathleen exited through his “Snapchat” account, claiming that she was killed by her relatives.

Ibn Hathleen monitored in a video clip he published, a dark color of water that he claimed was blood. He also monitored the effects of a wipe on the car and commented, “Its people wiped the traces of blood after killing it.” He also photographed a house and said: It belongs to the horse’s horse.

He stated that investigations are underway with Ghada’s neighbors, and the location of the car and the traces found were also reported, claiming that it was due to her murder.
Later, in another video, he revealed that the car in question had disappeared, and the hashtag he had lifted in an attempt to save Ghada had also disappeared.

It was announced that the lawyer, Amal Al-Nasser, had taken care of the case, which, in turn, stated that the public prosecutor had taken over the investigation.

The local newspaper, “Okaz,” earlier quoted a source in the Public Prosecution Office as saying, “The case of a female citizen was followed up after she published personal photos and video clips of her on social media, and reported that she was subjected to violence and abuse.”

The source indicated that the Public Prosecution contacted the competent authorities to determine the circumstances of the case.

The newspaper did not refer to the identity of the citizen, but Ghada Al-Hossan published several comments and a video clip through her account in “Snapchat”, pointing out that “there are people who are trying to accuse her of madness and hospitalization and that she only fears for her children.”

The horse returned to confirm that there was an intention to kill her, then she questioned the maid and said that “there is a maid who charmed their house”, accompanied her words with a hand on her and had wounds, confirming that she was doing the maid.

She added, “She has a sister who has been accused of madness, and they have tried to persuade her father that she is crazy too”, without referring to the people who are trying to harm her, while merely describing her mother and one of her sisters as “narcissistic”.

She returned and justified through her Twitter account what had been issued, stating that “one of the maids caused her a problem; What led her to collapse “, offering her apologies to her family and others, but she stopped publishing after that.

In turn, Ghada’s father, Fahd Al-Hossan, went out, confirming in a tweet via his Twitter account that she is sick. Oh God, have mercy on the condition of my daughter Ghada and put what happened to her in the balance of her good deeds in these blessed days. And reveal every patient that you are listening soon. There is no power but from God”.

Ghada’s sister, Rada Al-Horse, also posted a series of tweets via her Twitter account, stating that “her sister is fine, but she is a little tired.”

In another tweet, she replied to the accusations against them, saying that it was “baseless talk, and that her sister’s illness affected her and made her fancy things,” adding that “every offender will be held legally accountable.”

For his part, the horse family’s lawyer announced that any person trying to discredit the truth and discredit the family legally will be held accountable, stressing that “there is good news that will be announced in the coming days.”

He pointed out a few hours ago in his tweets that the official authorities are fully aware of the Ghada case, that her health condition is improving according to the doctors, and that she is in “a safe government place and under medical care”.


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