Confiscation of the house of the former first vice-president of Bashir and the recovery of real estate in Khartoum and the states – One World – Arabs


The Sudanese Empowerment Removal Committee announced the confiscation of the house of former First Vice President of the Republic “Ali Osman Mohamed Taha”, which it said was constructed by the security apparatus with an amount of 6 million dollars, which was rented to the vice-president of the National Conference, according to the Sudanese newspaper, “Al-Michar”.

Committee member Wajdi Saleh announced at a press conference yesterday night, the recovery of 5 properties from the office manager of the Vice President, Major General Ibrahim Ibrahim Al-Khwad, with an area of ​​about 15 thousand square meters.

He accused my grandfather, the former governor of Khartoum, Dr. Abdel-Halim Al-Mutafi for possessing a number of agricultural plots in White Nile State, extracted from farmers for the establishment of a sugar factory worth $ 25 million, and the factory has not been established, stating that “Al-Mutafi” is required to be arrested by the Public Prosecution.

The committee announced the recovery of real estate from Al-Salama Company, which started as a government company and transformed in a strange way to a private company owned by one person, Muhammad Ali Al-Amin, who took over the assets of the company.

Wajdi pointed out that the company seized the funds of organizations and the company (Salima for transportation) and other companies, and increased “all the popular market in your possession belongs to Al Salama”, and noted that the number of plots of land owned by the company amounts to 224 commercial and not residential plots.

The committee recovered a number of properties owned by businessman Hashem Ali Mohamed Khair, famously known as Hashem al-Rawasi.



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