Colors of the homeland For ease of social communication .. Google adds a new feature to its users


In light of its constant desire to develop for the convenience of its users, a company revealed Google, About its most recent version of the “Currents” service it developed to replace “Google+.”

Google said that the beneficiaries of its “G Suite” service, through the new “Currents” service, will be able to recover the content of their old accounts that were suspended with the freezing of “Google+”, according to “Russia Today”.

The new service, according to its developers, also provides an opportunity for users to communicate more smoothly compared to previous Google social media services. It will also enable employees and managers of companies to present their ideas among them in a distinct way and across groups they can create in the way that suits them.

The new service will also provide users with many features, such as sharing links, sharing photos and documents from the “Google Drive” service, and also supports the “Communities” feature, which helps to form groups to communicate, especially in the field of work.

Through this service, you can also take advantage of the “Tags” feature, which helps in finding common topics between people and commenting on the ideas of these topics. It also allows users to add specific additions or symbols to others’ posts.


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