Clarification from MUBS


In response to the article published by journalist Maysam Rizk in your newspaper, dated 07/17/2020, the administration of the Modern University of Management and Sciences MUBS is concerned with clarifying the following:1- The university is an independent university and not affiliated with any political party, and it has dealt with all requirements and files within the legal and academic principles with complete independence. It is an option that forms the basis for the development of the institution and the deepening of cooperation with the community and its activities keen to promote higher education opportunities for all students without discrimination.
2- The talk about the association of the position of the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Mr. Walid Jumblatt, with the issue of licensing for the branches of our university does not coincide with the facts, as the number of files pertaining to the university since 2013 is fourteen. Which dates back to 2014 and received the recommendation of the Council of Higher Education.


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