Chrome update may increase the performance of your computer battery by two hours


Two problems that Chrome has always been associated with, its excessive consumption of RAM and battery. And now Google may have arrived at the last update to a solution to consume the battery, especially if you were the one who opens a lot of tabs together.

There is a test feature in the new Chrome 86 update as the browser will stop all unnecessary JavaScript tracks and timers in the inactive tabs, and Chrome will recognize this by knowing the position of the mouse pointer, whether or not you are navigating on the page.

Google conducted its tests on the new version and with 36 different tabs open and an active blank tab, it managed to increase the battery performance of the laptop for a period of up to two hours.

Of course, these are unusual conditions of use, most users do not open this large number of tabs, so you may not find much improvement in your condition, compared to the test case.

She did another test while using YouTube, and she managed to improve the battery consumption performance for up to 36 minutes.

It is reported that this was what appeared in the initial release of Chrome 86, which is not yet available in its final version for users. So there is no confirmation now that Google will actually launch it.

The companies that develop for the most popular browsers such as Apple and Microsoft are constantly improving the performance of their browsers in terms of battery consumption, as they are one of the most negative aspects that users face and affect the performance of their devices and their entire experience.


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