Chinese ambassador: Britain’s decision to ban “Huawei” equipment disappointing


direct: The Chinese ambassador to Britain said that the decision to remove Huawei equipment from the “5G” network in the United Kingdom was disappointing and wrong.

Earlier in the day, the UK decided to ban Huawei from providing equipment for next-generation networks in the country from the end of this year due to data leakage concerns.

“The UK’s decision on Huawei is disappointing and wrong,” Liu Xiaoming added in a Tweet via Twitter on Tuesday.

He continued, “The decision raised doubts about whether the UK could provide an open, fair and non-discriminatory work environment for companies from other countries.”

For his part, the US ambassador to Britain welcomed the decision saying, “Twitter”: “The UK’s decision to protect its national security by banning Huawei’s participation in its fifth-generation network is also a victory for fair trade and human rights.”


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