China records a case of bubonic plague in Mongolia: China is strengthening its preventive measures


The authorities of the Inner Mongolia # in northern China have tightened precautions after a confirmed case of bubonic plague in a cattle herder over the weekend.

The Bayanur health committee said in a statement that the injured man is in stable condition while in hospital in the city.

The commission prohibited hunting or eating animals that might be carriers of the plague, especially the marmot, until the end of the year. She urged the population to report the presence of any sick or dead rodents.

Yersinia pestis that cause plague can transmit to humans from infected rats via fleas.

The highly pathogenic plague remains rare in China and is treatable, but five people have died from it so far since 2014, according to the National Health Commission of China.

A 15-year-old boy was suspected of being infected with a plague in neighboring Mongolia, according to the official China News Agency.

The agency reported that the boy suffered a fever after eating a parasite after a dog hunted.

The agency said that two confirmed cases were recorded last week in Khufd Province, Mongolia, by two brothers who had eaten marmot meat.

And the imposition of the stone on 146 people mixed with the two brothers.

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