China issues warning after suspected plague case – one world – emerged outside the border


Chinese authorities in the Inner Mongolia region issued a warning Sunday, one day after a hospital reported a suspected plague.

The plague is the most deadly pandemic in human history and is caused by a bacterium called Yersinia Pestis.

On Sunday, the health committee of the Chinese city of Bayan Nur issued a third-level alert, which is the second lowest level in a four-level system, according to Al Hurra.

The alert prohibits hunting and eating animals that can transmit the plague, and asks the public to report any suspected plague or fever without apparent reasons, with reporting any sick or dead squirrel, as it is known to be a vector.

This warning comes a week after scientists discovered a new strain of influenza viruses in China may cause a new global pandemic.

The strain has recently appeared in pigs but can infect humans, according to a study published in the American Journal of the National Academy of Sciences.

The current Corona pandemic has appeared in China, and has so far infected more than 11 and a half million people, as well as at least 535,000 deaths.

The plague called the “Black Death” was the second biggest disaster affecting Europe during the late Middle Ages after the Great Famine, and it is estimated that it killed millions of people (30 to 60 percent of Europeans in that era).



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