Chaos, the Ministry of Finance has ruled for two decades … perks, embezzlement and spending!


Eli Al-Farazli wrote in Al-Akhbar: With every restoration of financial accounts, there is renewed evidence of the chaos that has ruled the Ministry of Finance for two decades. Expenditure that does not respect the budget law, imports that are not recorded, and advances that are not paid. This is the summary of the completion of the Accounting Bureau for the accounts of the year 1997. It remains an audit of 17 years. There is still a long way to go to financial restructuring, and this opens the way for those who stole or waste public money that a financial settlement is still possible

On July 11, 2019, the Audit Bureau accomplished cutting the 2017 account. The goal was to pass the 2019 budget in the House of Representatives, so that the precedent for approving the budget was not repeated without cutting the account. As for the Bureau, he considered that the 2017 audit process, despite the fact that the Ministry of Finance deposited the accounts for the years 1997 to 2017, was due to his desire to avoid any defect that could persist in the next stage and reflected negatively on the preparation of subsequent accounts.

At the time, the issue of unchecking the validity of the balance of entry, the inability to audit the task account first, and the lack of commitment in completing the accounts of all the years preceding in a sequence, bypassing the report “are not considered final for the validity of the accounts and to discharge the liability, because the issue is related to checking the mission accounts For the past twenty years, which the Bureau has embarked upon. ”

The 2017 account cut was accomplished and the House of Representatives approved it by political accommodation, and then the Bureau returned to auditing the accounts of previous years. But the criticism focused on slow progress. Cabinet officials have responded that the completion of the accounts in the “Finance” took years, and therefore it is inconceivable that the Bureau would complete them in months. Informed sources recall that the “Finance” prepared the accounts that did not exist in the first place, and it also audited thousands of documents, looking for their lost assets and creating entry balances, while the Bureau’s function is supposed to be limited to taking samples from the accounts to verify that the government committed to implementing the budget. This means that checking the accuracy of the accounts is not the goal, but rather to ensure that the government respects the budget and its numbers. The background to the discussion is that as long as all of the accounts are not audited, the determination of accounting and criminal responsibilities remains faltered. This is suspicious for those who fear being involved in a “financial settlement” that is losing the truth. As a reminder, President Fouad Siniora, in his capacity as head of government, attempted in 2006 to legalize the liquidation of accounts by introducing a special bill that would allow a private company to audit state accounts. The same was repeated by Minister Muhammad Safadi in 2011.

As a result, and about a year after the completion of the account cut in 2017, the Bureau completed the account cut in 1997 at the end of last week, and sent a report thereon to the Presidency of the House of Representatives. Does this mean that every year will need to be audited for a year as well, similar to what happened with the 1997 accounts? Judge Chief Judge Muhammad Badran denies this, stressing that the year 1997 is the base year, in view of the documents submitted by the Ministry of Finance, which did not include the previous accounts that belonged to the period from 1993 until 1996, because the financial administration was unable to prepare them. It affirms that the Bureau gives priority to preparing accounts cuts by allocating half of the number of accountants in the Bureau to accomplishing this file, while the other half works on all ministries files, it is expected that in the coming period, accounts will be completed every year within 3 to 4 months. This means that completing all the accounts and returning the regularity to the state’s accounts may require three new years? Badran hopes that the pace of completing the accounts will accelerate with filling the shortage of the Court’s owners, after completing the match approved by the Council of Ministers to employ 30 new accountants..

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