Chairman of the Corona Committee in Egypt: We have research that will shake the entire international scientific research


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The head of the scientific committee to combat the Corona virus in Egypt, Hossam Hosni, said that the Egyptian protocol to treat the Corona epidemic is the only one on the Middle East level, which produces all its components inside Egypt.

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Hosni added during an intervention via the satellite “Extra News” that there are more than 40 Egyptian research on the Corona virus, and its results will not be announced until after they are published in scientific journals.

After: “We promise you that this research will shake the entire international scientific research … and will prove that the Egyptian scientist is the best scientist in the world, and that the Egyptian state is the most powerful country.”

He stated that there are a lot of active substances manufactured inside Egypt, and with high efficiency, commenting: “The neighboring countries envy us on the efficiency of production.”

He also pointed out that adopting healthy and uncontrolled eating habits is one of the reasons for the spread of epidemics and viruses around the world.

Source: “Extra News”


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