Causing crack screen … Apple warns of “MacBook” camera coverage


The US company Apple # warned MacBook users not to close their laptop with a cover that hides the camera because this may lead to a malfunction in the computer screen as well as the lighting indicator, and may cause the screen to be broken and cracked

Woofka The Verg The technician, the American company announced the danger of closing the device with the camera coverage because the distance between the “MacBook” screen and the keyboard was designed to be very small, therefore, with a cover placed on the integrated camera, it may lead to a screen malfunction, and conflicts with the lighting sensor, which leads to A problem with the automatic screen lighting feature.

Instead of using the cover in search of privacy and for fear of eavesdropping on the camera of users, Apple insists that customers can trust the green LED indicator next to the camera on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, which lights up whenever the camera is active.

The company confirmed that the camera was designed to be able to activate without turning on the camera indicator light.

In the event that the camera cap has to be used during computer operation, Apple asserts that the cover must always be removed before turning off the computer.

The MacRumors blog has reported that there are instances of MacBook Pro being broken when closed with the attached camera cap.

Adhesive tape should be a safer option than hard plastic cover if you do not fully trust the light, but Apple warns against using anything thicker than a piece of paper and exceeds 0.1 mm thick.

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