Casper Schmeichel defends de Gea


The demands for de Gea’s exclusion have been raised after his mistakes caused his team to exit from the FA Cup semi-finals after the defeat against Chelsea this week.

Before Sunday’s decisive showdown against Leicester against United, Schmeichel said media coverage of De Gea’s performance with United gave viewers the impression that the Spanish goalkeeper was always wrong.

He added: “This is a dangerous novel because suddenly its momentum increases, I feel what it is going through because it has been amazing for several years and every goalkeeper has gone through periods (his level is declining).”

And he added: “There is a lot of pressure as well regarding the fact that there is an English guard (Henderson) whose star stands out and whether you like it or not. In this country when there is an English guard, this means a lot and everyone seeks to encourage it.”

“I hope a goalkeeper like Henderson who offers an amazing season will be allowed to really evolve. I hope … he will have another season or maybe two at Sheffield United and play with his style and then he will be ready.”

“But for the time being, De Gea is still a great goalkeeper. It is a secluded center and these are the margins during which … you simply cannot make any mistake because you will be punished.”


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