Carole Samaha will not sing “Spiritual Twin” – Politics, Kuwaiti daily newspaper


Lebanese singer Carole Samaha pulled the trailer for the movie “Twin Spiritual.” Carol said, in a statement, that she agreed with producer Ahmed Al-Sibki to withdraw her voice, which she put in an experimental recording of the song “Dream of My Life”, written by Saber Kamal, composed by Mohamed Yahya, and distributed by Ashraf Mahrous, within the movie “Twin Spiritual.” Carroll confirmed that her retreat is due to her lack of conviction of the final form of the song, her lack of agreement with her artistic vision, and she wishes success to the crew.
“My Spiritual Twin” starring Hassan Al-Raddad and Amina Khalil, and it is set in a romantic setting, written by Amani Al-Tounsi and directed by Othman Abulaban.


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