Carole Samaha: The virginity test statements of “Tik Tok” girls are backward and insulting


two hours ago

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London – “Arab Jerusalem”:

I deplored the Lebanese artist Karol Smaha News about virginity examination examination in the known case With girls’ tik-tok in Egypt.

On her Twitter account, Carroll posted a picture bearing the text of the news about the signature of the medical examination of “Tik Tok” girls, Haneen Hosam, and Adham’s affection to prove their virginity.

The Lebanese artist commented, “A virginity detection procedure ??? What is this underdevelopment? What is this insult? Rejected Rejected Rejected.

Last Monday, an Egyptian court issued a preliminary ruling of imprisonment and a fine for Haneen Hosam and Affa Adham, in the case of “tik-tok” girls.
The Economic Court in Cairo ruled, to punish the two girls with two years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 pounds (about 19,000 dollars).

The court also sentenced Manar Sami to three years in prison and 300,000 pounds, in the same case.


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