Carlos Ghosn’s statement to a TV channel implicating an American who helped him escape from Japan


US prosecutors based on Carlos’ statement last week to demand the refusal to release on bail of an American who, along with his son, the former Nissan president, escaped from Japan. With the resources of Carlos Ghosn, according to the latter’s hint in a television interview

The plaintiffs demanded that Michael Taylor be refused bail, because Ghosn’s statement made the chances of Taylor’s escape fleeing so that it would not be acceptable to release him on bail. Japanese Asahi newspaper.

Taylor was a member of the American Special Forces who was working in the field of personal security, and his son Peter Taylor, who are facing arrest warrants in Japan, and the American authorities are studying a request to extradite them to the Japanese authorities.

As he recently revealed that Carlos Ghosn’s son, former CEO of Nissan Motor Company, paid about $ 500,000 in digital currency to one of two men from the US state of Massachusetts who helped his father escape from Japan.

The former CEO of Nissan Motor Company, Carlos Ghosn, caught the attention of the Japanese and American press when he made it With permission to Arabic He said that he was helping everyone who stood next to him and considered the prosecutor.

Peter Taylor after he and his father, veteran US Special Forces man Michael Taylor, helped Ghosn escape inside a fund on a private plane to escape accusations of financial corruption in Japan.


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