Canaan’s office is once again lying to the “Monetary Fund Broker” in “The Grudges and Hypocrisy Journal”: We have not yet voted on Capital Control!


The media office of Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan issued the following statement:

Once again, the “Monetary Fund Broker” in “Al-Ahkad Al-Hifaq” newspaper did not hesitate to falsify even the facts in a general discussion session for the solutions proposed and the amendments proposed by the Monetary Fund to the Capital Control’s proposal, to defend the “People’s Money Stealers” party and the financial account frauders and account sectors on For two decades, as he laid the hand on the Lebanese deposits and wrote them off completely, he lied and fabricated his insolence, with the following:

1 – The committee did not drop the Capital Control proposal, nor did it vote on any of its items with evidence that it was not read even in the session, but discussions, as followed at the beginning of the discussion of any proposal, were limited to its general objectives.

2- Also, contrary to what was reported by the “Monetary Fund Broker” in “Al-Ahkad Al-Hifaq” newspaper, the Chairman of the Committee distributed to the attending representatives the proposed amendments of the Monetary Fund to the proposal, and asked the monetary and banking authorities to deposit their notes in writing for discussion in subsequent sessions.

3- The newspaper “Grudges and Hypocrisy” and its failed broker missed that negotiating with the IMF did not stop due to the discussion of the committee or its positions, but rather because of the contradiction that appeared between the government and the Bank of Lebanon numbers, which is still interacting today between them in the negotiation sessions and in front of the representatives of the fund, which the committee sought Through her work to treat it over the past weeks.

4- There is no need to repeat the narration of lies and hatred of the “Al-Ahkad Al-Hifaq” newspaper about the committee’s summaries and its report, because the People’s Stealers ’Fund reads only in one book, which is the book of Goebbels and Muhammad Al-Sahaf and their likes, but for the sake of truth and public opinion’s right over us, we repeat that the committee charged the banks and the bank Lebanon and the state have lost losses and refused to prejudice the rights of depositors, and this matter has been the focus of all discussions and recommendations reached.

5- The broker and his party missed that the IMF is a party that we negotiate and not a provision that we resort to and explain with its whistle. As for its slaps, it will pay for the results of the Lebanese people with its money and reap its life if the facts are absent for the same … the broker!

6_ Commenting on what was reported by the Al-Ahkad Al-Hifaq newspaper about a question by Deputy Ali Fayyad, which remained unanswered about who will pay the losses, as it is known, as stated in all meetings and minutes, that the agreement was complete between all members of the subcommittee and the Finance Committee to download the losses to the state and the Bank of Lebanon and the banks

Except for depositors. Note that it was decided to detail the treatments after completing the numbers.

Finally, we conclude from the introduction to Ibn Khaldun that he wrote more than seven hundred years ago and is still valid today:

When states collapses, astrologers, beggars, hypocrites, plaintiffs, liars, slanders, singers, cacophony, poets, organized, intransigent, beaters of mandel, drummers, conciliate, readers of palm, horoscope, descendent, politicians, praisers, satirists, crosses, and disbelievers, crossed Honesty is mixed with lies, jihad with death …

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