Can this be true? .. “strange” words from Zidane before the critical week


In statements considered by some to be unrealistic, athlete and even human, coach Zinedine Zidane confirmed on Sunday that his team Real Madrid will play the last three matches of the Spanish League, through which it seeks to crown again, and achieve the 34th title in its history “without pressure”.

The “Royal Club” leads the league standings, one point ahead of its arch-rivals, the two champions, Barcelona.

Al-Asimah Club has 3 matches left, compared to two games for the Catalan Club.

Real Madrid needs two wins from the remaining matches, the first of which is against its host Granada in the thirty-sixth stage, to resolve the league regardless of Barcelona’s results, and win the League title for the first time since 2017, and strengthen its record in the championship.

“We are not under pressure (…) pressure is normal, and also mandatory. But I do not think there is any special pressure,” Zidane told a press conference on the eve of the Granada match.

Zaidat’s statements seem illogical given the motive of regaining the championship, which has been absent for two seasons, and the pressures faced by Real Madrid this season, but Zidane may be aiming to calm his players before going through the crucial stage of the “League”.

He continued, “This last week (the season closes in Spain on July 19), and we have 3 games left to play, and all our energy must be focused on tomorrow’s match.”

“Now we are not doing any calculation. We only think about playing games, we are only focusing on tomorrow’s game.”

The “Royal Club” achieved perfect results since the resumption of La Liga competitions last June after being suspended for nearly three months due to the Corona virus, as it maintained the “full score” with 8 wins in 8 games since its return, in a positive series that allowed him to snatch the lead from Barcelona Who wasted points with three draws out of his nine matches in the same period.

The Catalan club scored 6 wins, the last of which was Saturday on its host Valladolid with a clean goal.

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