British scientist finds shocking information about Corona’s source


A British scientist revealed a new novel about the “Coffed 19” epidemic, indicating that the epidemic was present and asleep before long before the outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, according to “Telegraph”.

Dr. Thomas Jefferson, chief researcher at the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) in Oxford, confirmed his conviction that the epidemic had been present in several countries some time ago, and based on evidence from various countries of the world, the world indicated that the virus was discovered in water samples Exchange in Barcelona, ​​Spain in March 2019, 9 months before its outbreak in Wuhan, and the virus was also found in samples taken in Turin and Milan, Italy last December.

Jefferson said: “I think the virus was here a while ago. I mean, it was everywhere. Perhaps it is a sleeping virus activated by environmental conditions. ”An example of this is a case of infection on a ship that was on its journey from South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, noting that the infection was recorded on the eighth day of the trip, when it crossed The ship is Widdle Sea water.

Jefferson asked about the possibility of an epidemic in the food and became active after it came out of the stalemate, comparing it with the Spanish flu that claimed the lives of about 100 million people around the world in 1918-1920, indicating that about 30% of the population of the Samoa Islands died from the flu pandemic on Although there are no contacts with them to the outside world.

And the world continued, that viruses are always present, and there is something that makes them active at a particular moment, perhaps population density or environmental conditions. This is what we must study.

It is worth noting that the number of coronavirus infections worldwide reached more than 11 million cases. 528,000 people died from the virus.

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