British becomes a millionaire because of “Corona”


A British real estate business and his wife made more than 30 million pounds ($ 37 million) in revenue in just 3 months by selling antiseptic fluids after a massive increase in demand for them due to a new Corona virus outbreak.

The British newspaper “Mirror” indicated that Andrew Montague and his wife Rachel decided to set up a small company to mobilize and sell antiseptics in March, after the health authorities’ recommendations to citizens to use antiseptics constantly to protect against the emerging corona virus.

The newspaper added that the company now employs 12 workers and signed contracts with 8 companies and large stores, including the famous “Aldi” store chain.

The newspaper said that Andrew and Rachel managed to achieve more than 30 million pounds in just 12 weeks by selling disinfection and sterilization fluids to prevent the emerging corona virus, which causes Covid-19 disease.

“With the announcement of the closure in March, we immediately saw the importance of reducing our import dependence and focusing on manufacturing in the UK to ensure that both health service providers and private companies have access to high quality and affordable products that are now essential in the fight against the epidemic,” Andrew said.

He added: “We are proud to provide some much needed support in the fight against Corona by gifting our product to charities and at the same time, building a successful business.”

He continued: “From the start just 12 weeks ago, we have seen a huge increase in demand for our products across the UK.”

And he added: “We are continuing to secure large contracts and we have increased production to 90 thousand liters per week, as our company obtained contracts with large companies.”


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