Britain seeks to buy 60 million doses of a possible vaccine for “Corona”


The Sunday Times reported that Britain was close to reaching an agreement worth 500 million pounds (624 million dollars) with Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline to obtain 60 million doses of a possible vaccine that the two companies would develop to prevent Covid-19. .

The newspaper added that Britain is considering the option to purchase the vaccine if it is proven to be effective in human trials that are scheduled to start in September.

This comes in conjunction with the resumption of some activities in Britain after three months of closure, such as hairdressing salons and hotels since yesterday (Saturday) as part of a new phase of easing the isolation measures, amid fears of new infections recorded in the new Corona virus.

The British government said yesterday (Saturday) that the number of deaths from confirmed infection with the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom increased 67 cases, bringing the total to 44,198 cases.

The UK, which has waited long before imposing isolation measures, is lagging behind its counterparts in lifting closures.


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