Britain retracts lifting the closure after the rise in the number of Corona injuries


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Friday that his government has decided to postpone the next stage of lifting closure measures in England, which were scheduled for Saturday with the reopening of some public places, due to the high number of cases of Covid-19.

The conservative Prime Minister referred to the recent data on the spread of the new Corona virus and stated, “I said that our plan to reopen society and the economy is conditional … and that we will not hesitate to freeze it if necessary. Our assessment is that we now have to press the brake pedal to keep the virus under control.”

Casinos, bowling alleys and skating rinks were to be reopened on Saturday, as well as theaters. It was also assumed that wedding parties, with a maximum of 30 participants, would not be allowed again.

The application of masks will be mandatory, the measure currently imposed in stores, as of August 8 in other places such as museums, cinemas and places of worship.

“I realize that the measures we are taking will be a real and severe blow for many people, for all those whose marriage projects have experienced turmoil or those who cannot celebrate (Eid Al-Adha) as they wish,” Johnson said at a press conference.

“I am really sorry, but we simply cannot take the risk,” he added.

In a weekly study published Friday, the National Bureau of Statistics concluded that the number of new infections of SK was high. According to the office, between 20 and 26 July, 0,78 new cases were recorded, with Covid-19 out of every 10,000 people in England, or about 4,200 new cases per day. This is an increase compared to the number recorded last week, which is 2800 new cases per day.

Along with Johnson, British Chief Physician Chris Witty said, “What we see based on the National Bureau of Statistics and other data, is that we have probably reached the limits of what we can do to open up society.”

In the face of the high number of cases of Covid-19, new restrictions were imposed on the population in some areas of northern England from Friday.

Residents of Grand Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire are prohibited from receiving people indoors or in their gardens.

The Government of Scotland has announced that it does not recommend going to these areas.

“Because their problem is not exacerbated and the risk of transmission subsequently reduced here, the Scottish government strongly recommends against unnecessary travel between Scotland and these northern regions of England,” wrote Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon, writing on Twitter.


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