Borussia Dortmund continues to include emerging talent


The German club includes an English jewel


July 20, 2020

Borussia Dortmund German football club and Birmingham City, a participant in the English first division, announced the signing of the first teenager, Judd Bellingham, from the second.

The Bundesliga champion runner-up said in a statement that the 17-year-old midfielder had signed a “long-term contract” and was due to join his new team starting July 30.

Neither club disclosed details of the contract, but press reports suggest the value of the deal will be around 22 million euros ($ 25 million).

“I cannot thank Birmingham City enough for what they did for me, not just last year, but since the age of seven,” Bellingham was quoted as saying by the English club statement.

“I am incredibly excited to join one of the biggest clubs in Europe. The direction he is taking and his help in improving young players have made the decision easy for me and my family.”

As for the sports director of the German club, Michael Tzurk, he saw that “Joud has great potential, and we want to help him to develop in the coming years.”

“He is an amazingly high-powered player with and away from the ball, and he is also known for his high mental ability (…) We see an immediate improvement for our first team, but we will also give him time to adapt to this higher level” in the Bundesliga.

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Bellingham hopes to follow in the footsteps of his compatriot Gaydon Sancho, who was summoned to the England national team in 2018 against the backdrop of his special offers with Dortmund.

Press reports recently indicate that Chanchu, 20, may leave the German team to join an English Premier League club, in particular Manchester United.

Dortmund posted on his social media accounts a welcome video of the player, in which players from the first team participated as they performed a song for the famous English “The Beatles” titled “Hi Good” (Hello God).

Bellingham has previously defended the colors of the English national team for less than 17 years.

“Judd is a stunning young player with the ability, focus and desire to be at the top. He is also a mature, diverse, and intelligent young man, who acts at the highest professional level on the field and off the field,” a statement from Birmingham quoted CEO CEO Dong Rin as saying.

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“It was our pleasure to see him develop and become the player he is, and they will write his name in the history of this club.”

Bellingham plays in the midfield, scored with his former team four goals in 40 games, and also passed two decisive balls.

In August, Bellingham became the youngest player to play an official match with Birmingham, at the age of 16 and 38 days.

According to reports, last January, Manchester United sought to obtain the player’s signature after the offers he had made with his former team.


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