BN Sports Group besieges Saudi Arabia over the piracy lawsuit and exposes it internationally


37 minutes ago

Suleiman Haj Ibrahim

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Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Qatari “Bn Sports” group exposed the Saudi authorities that had previously claimed victory in the cases filed in the World Trade Organization, and asked how those who claim victory in the courts can return and appeal the ruling.

The suspension of the network, which includes a number of sports and entertainment channels and channels, coincided with the filing of an appeal by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on issues brought by the group in international forums to restore its rights after the piracy operations it was subjected to.

The group, which is based in the Qatari capital, Doha, said: “After the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spent the past six weeks telling the world how the decision of the World Trade Organization was“ totally innocent of the Kingdom, ”it went back to appeal against the case it was claiming its decisive victory before.

Bn Sport was surprised by the situation, where she revealed in a statement that a copy of “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”, a copy of it, revealed that Riyadh has been trying so far to circumvent the clear truth.

The source added: “Instead of complying with international law, while Saudi Arabia essentially tries to pass the test of honesty and combat piracy under the rules of the Premier League, and tries to win the trust of the international sports community, it has permanently banned the official broadcaster of the English Premier League matches from working On its territory (the intent is BN channels), which means that the only way to see excellent sports in the kingdom is through piracy. ”

“Since last June, Saudi Arabia lied to governments and rights holders in the sports world about the decision of the World Trade Organization, and said that the English Premier League, FIFA and UEFA sent their legal claims to the wrong email 9 times.

The World Trade Organization ruled that Qatar was affected by piracy of the content of the BN Sport network, and that Saudi Arabia had not done enough to prevent the spread of BNQ channels.

A committee affiliated to the Saudi World Trade Organization called in mid-June to comply with the rules of international intellectual property in a ruling on a dispute with Qatar, which accuses Riyadh of banning broadcast of the sports channel “BN Sport” after a break between the two Gulf neighbors in 2017.

Qatar filed its complaint in 2018, saying that Saudi Arabia had banned the broadcast of Qatar-owned BN Sport TV and refused to take effective action against alleged piracy on BN’s content by BNC, and accused the Qatari media of Saudi Arabia of supervising this piracy. .

Earlier this month, the Saudi Competition Authority announced the cancellation of a license for Qatar’s BN Sports channels in the kingdom and a fine of 10 million Saudi riyals (US $ 2.67 million) for what it described as “abuse of its dominant position,” according to a decision published by the authority.


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