Beijing summons the US ambassador and Washington vows a tough response


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The warning to US Ambassador Terry Branstad, made by Deputy Foreign Minister Jing Ziguang, came hours after US President Donald Trump ended Hong Kong’s trade preferential treatment and permitted banking sanctions against it.

“This is a disgraceful interference in Chinese internal affairs and a serious violation of international law and the basic rules of international relations,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“In order to protect its legitimate interests, China will take appropriate measures in response to the wrong US steps, including imposing sanctions on American people and entities,” she added.

He also told Branstad that the United States had recently taken “wrong steps” towards the Chinese Xinjiang and Tibetan regions and the South China Sea, “further exposing the nature of its hegemony”.

“In this regard, China will continue to take countermeasures to firmly protect its fundamental interests. I want to tell the United States that any intimidation or prejudice it is practicing against China will be answered strictly,” he said.


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