Begin to extract the data of the black boxes of the stricken Ukrainian plane


The French Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety and Investigation (BAE) said Monday that investigators have begun work to extract data for the Ukrainian plane’s flight recorders that were accidentally shot down by Iran in January.

Iranian forces say they shot down the plane of the Ukrainian International Airlines, a Boeing 737, on January 8, thinking that it was a missile at a time when it was very tense with the United States. All 176 people on board were killed.

A spokesman said work at the laboratories to extract data from the black boxes began after an introductory meeting with Iranian and other officials present at the office’s headquarters outside Paris.

The spokesman added that the cockpit voice recorder will be heard first, then the flight data recorder. The work is likely to continue until Thursday at least.

Data from accident investigators from Canada, the United States, Sweden and Britain are monitoring the data mining process, as well as representatives from Ukraine International Airlines, Boeing and the company Safran, which makes the engines.

In June, Iran agreed to send the black boxes to the French office for analysis, ending a long-running crisis with Canada, Ukraine and France over data access.

Many of the victims of the accident were Canadian or permanent residents of Canada or their last destination.

A preliminary report of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization said last week that an error in the radar system and the absence of communication between the air defense operator and its commanders had caused the tragedy.


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